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Public Art at Curtin

I studied at Curtin University many years ago and have had little reason since to return and wander amongst its cold concrete walls, but the Public 2016 project drew me back to see some fabulous pieces of public art that have just gone up. It was a bonus to see some of these works in progress. I asked Millo if he projected his design up on the wall and he drew me a sketch on the back of an envelope and indicated that he worked in a fairly free way from that point - pretty mind boggling.

I wish we’d been able to take to the walls with paint when I was studying there.

As a footnote, it seems that there is a small but vocal group who wished the walls to remain pure in their unrelenting cement starkness. I assure you there are over 300 grey walls still there to gaze at, should you wish to.... and only 16 with public art work on them. I know which ones I’d rather look at.

Congratulations FORM for this years PUBLIC programme.

Artists: Hense, Kyle Hughes-Odgers,

Hayley Welsh, Tellas, Amok Island,

Add Fuel, Jessee Lee Johns, Karim Jabbari, Liam Dee, Stormie Mills, Jae Criddle, Edoardo Tresoldi, Borondo, Chris Nixon and Rustam Qbic. Apologies if I missed anyone.

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