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Too many versions of Jill in this post, but when you want to do a portrait and your sitter isn’t available, you use the closest face- your own.

I created this self portrait, as a painting within an assemblage. I am playing with the idea that we are assembled and created over years from fragments: things we choose ourselves and other items that are assigned or somehow tacked on...Yes, I’m finding useful ways to justify my old junk habit.

I painted the face in oils looking over my glasses, bemused at being recreated out of oddments. The painting is contained within an old card filing drawer labelled miscellaneous. The body is assembled from clutter in my studio - the sentimental, the interesting and the useless. I have become an ironic, icon to junk.

I was going to paint a portrait of my favourite politician, but he is a trifle busy at the moment, what with saving the states finances and all. I’ll save his portrait for later.

My valiant techie, Pete, is to be thanked for his construction and problem solving skills. Also a big thank you to Jeff Atkinson, local photographer par excellence, for photographing the work at short notice (*small version used here). Credit to Gary from Castle painting for the photo taken through the window - he was painting the outside of the house, as I was painting the portrait inside.Thanks also to Darcy for I.T problem solving and sensible advice ( as opposed to the usual nonsensical advice and problem creation).

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