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'Ghost' wins at York

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Firstly grovelling apologies for the delay in updating my blog. I have a lovely new website, and I’m not using it very well. So this is the first step in trying to change my bad habits. Feel free to hold me to account on this!

I was very fortunate in being awarded the prize at the York Art awards last week, with an assemblage ‘Ghost in the Machine’. The theme for the award was Flight.

This piece is assembled in the base of an old singer sewing machine. The kind that your Nanna had in the spare room.

After sealing the base with clear waterproof gesso, I painted a woman’s figure with luggage including her portable sewing machine onto it. I hope to suggest a story of those who have had to leave or flee their home. The object itself helps weave a story of its possible owner.

There are some excellent works in the show which closes this weekend, so if you get the chance to go up and have a look, I suggest you do. Also York is a gorgeous old town with great shops for buying old items for assemblage and interesting galleries.

My thanks to the York Society who organise the awards, and to the York Bendigo Bank who sponsored the award.

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