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Finishing ‘Starfish Journey’

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Found myself faffing around with this painting today and forced myself to stop as it is finished. It has emerged from a painting commission that I was doing for someone else that is like a painting called ‘Timeless’. I painted this one alongside the other on the theory that I already had the paint mixed and a canvas and might as well do two similar pieces at once.

This one is more dream like and has an illustration feel to it- I can see it in a children’s book- but I like it just the same.

I need to send a painting to Cossack Art award and this will has to it is the only one finished! This is a good sign. I habitually enter Art awards by submitting a title and a price, then frantically finish the painting on the day it is meant to be delivered. Often the painting dries in the back of the car on the journey to its destination. Having one completed already is much less stressful....and a bit out of character.

Starfish Journey

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