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Clad in beanies and armed with spray cans, we have just completed a piece of street art in Vic Park and a whole new career awaits us...Rat portraits. Friend, local artist, and rat afficionado, the very honourable Joanna Wakefield, joined me to stencil and paint a series of rats climbing the drainpipe ( naturally ) on the D.L Cabling Office near the East Vic Park IGA. It’s not a surprise for the owners  - they did offer us the opportunity to show off our inner Banksy. Thanks Mandy and David!

Comments from the passing locals as they took the shortcut through the laneway to the strip were priceless. If you are looking for the work, turn off Hubert st and park behind the IGA. Take the laneway to the south of the building that cuts through to Albany Hwy.

Rat commissions now welcome.

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