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The wrong kind of painting..

A very poor start to 2015 as far as Art production is concerned. I have only lifted brushes to paint walls and ceilings, though I admit they are looking good. Odd to work hard to cover the marks on an old ceiling thus restoring it to glorious blankness, and then moaning about not having time to put marks on a blank canvas...Time not spent renovating has been rudely swallowed by the Education Department, but I can see a clearer patch emerging so I am getting organised for that.

In the meantime I have just sent off more stock to Mundaring Art Centre and to Vic Park Art Centre so drop past those gallery gift shops if you want cards. They are both Community Art Centres who do a good job of supporting local artists and have a range of interesting work. Hard to go in and not leave with something as I discovered today... there goes the profit margin..AGAIN.

Locally there is much to see at the moment with the Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions at Cottesloe and at Bathers Beach Fremantle. Adding to this is the always excellent Year 12 Perspectives at the Art Gallery of W.A. I had a look on the weekend and will drag my students along next week. Make sure you get there.

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