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Rembrandt’s House Amsterdam

Spent a delightful few days in Amsterdam in December. Even if one did nothing but walk the streets and admire the views it would be a joy, but the chance to explore the city’s art treasures is marvellous. I paced myself by visiting Rembrandt’s house on Saturday, the Van Gogh Museum on Sunday and the Rijksmuseum on Monday. I can think of no better holiday itinerary.

To visit Rembrandt’s house, poke around his studio, scrutinise his curios and learn about mixing pigments was delightful, but the highlight for me was watching the printmaking demonstration by Fons, then learning about counterprints. I took two home to show my students.

I could now wax lyrical about the treasures of the Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum, but a few photos will have to hint at that. It has taken two months for me to unite the missing travel photos with this blog so this will suffice for the moment.

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