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Pushing the last minute even further..

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

I have painted a large version of a small painting I am fond of and sold earlier in the year . The change in scale made the painting of the wires in the cage and perspective on the ellipses maddening. I’m not sure if I have really finished this painting, but I was forced to stop when time could no longer be stretched and Georgie arrived to whisk it off with her own work to deliver to the Royal Show before the 3.30 deadline. It was pouring with rain and I stood outside the car door to touch up the paint at the bottom of the canvas as it was stacked in Georgie’s car. Her dog was in the car, so the wet paint will act as a magnet for dog hair and my painting is now a much more interesting textured piece I suspect.

My wiser friends ( there are many ) would remark that a bit of time management would avert these artistic crises......but it is when I do my best work.

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