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Public Art Project: Fremantle

My Fast Track Art students have been involved in creating public artworks in Fremantle for nearly 10 years. Christine George, through the Fremantle Council, has coordinated most of these - bless her - and we are very grateful.

Our latest project was one of our best. The big bus stop outside the hospital was our target, we were working with public artist, George Domahidy, who is fantastic and never flustered, and we had a great design. It is sort of Gotham meets Godzilla with Aliens. We did arrive at this decision at the last minute. Prior to this, we had 3 separate designs dependant on the condition of the surface we have to paint on. The council decided to re-panel the bus stop so we went with the more detailed design ( credit to Matthew).

We had a number of challenges along the way : the coldest day of the year, the undercoat was still wet and we had to use blower vacs to try and hasten the drying process, and constant advice from hospital outpatients. But the students adapted to these and after two intense days effort we created one of the most vibrant bus stops in Fremantle. It is on South Terrace near the hospital if you want to have a look.

Well done to Matt, Claudia, Shelby, Ally, Seb, Larz, Kelly, Velvia, Katie, Rose, Rebekah, Tashi, Christine and George.

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