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New Year: New website

Oil portrait workshop in Bruges

It feels wonderful to have a new website. I finally gave up on building the new one myself after over a year of faffing around, and made a sensible decision. I employed a millennial, a wonderful, digital nomad, Harry, who cheerfully built it in days. It is much, much better than anything I would have made. So my new year resolution now is to employ others to do what they are good at and stick to what I am good at. That way I might get more done.

I have not posted a blog in a year, and there is a lot to catch up on, but I'll just give you the best bit.

The highlight for 2018 was attending an oil painting masterclass with tutor David Gray in Belgium. It was a great chance to focus, meet other artists and learn some new techniques. It was also great to wander around Bruges, which is beautiful and particularly well garnished with chocolate shops.

I also managed a weekend workshop with the lovely Anastasia Pollard in London. Like most artists, I work in isolation so it was really interesting to see how other artists work. I can highly recommend it. I recommend the chocolate too.

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1 Comment

Pete Nidd
Jan 23, 2019


Just don't think that I'm going to do the same thing :-)

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