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Moran Winner announced soon..

It has been a lovely few weeks knowing my work is included amongst the finalists in the Doug Moran Portrait Prize. I remember the first time I saw the Moran Portrait prize 20 years ago on one of my first trips to Sydney. I wandered through astonished by the quality of the work and I have followed this prize ever since. I'm utterly thrilled to be now amongst the 30 finalists.

The winner is announced on the 30th of November. The prize money is AU$150,000 making it the biggest art prize in Australia and possibly the largest portrait prize in the world. This will make an enormous difference to an artist's life.

I'm glad my father-in-law had such a great character face, because his portrait has been a very lucky painting from me. It may well be the smallest portrait I've done! There are others to thank too - especially Peter.

Good luck to all 30 finalists - so many excellent paintings! I suggest readers make a cup of tea then treat themselves to the link below.

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