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Back in the Studio....

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Apologies for my overly lengthy delay in correspondence. I have been working on a portrait of my multi talented friend Tineke to try my luck at the local Portrait Award.  I don’t know what inspired me to go so large, but it was a good challenge and I learnt heaps. Mostly I learnt that you have to do a lot more walking back and forth to check your work ,so it is better for my fitness. I also learnt that if you neglect to walk back to check your composition frequently you have to do a lot more wiping paint off the canvas and starting again.

My work ‘Luggage: Detritus and Dreams’ did not make it through from the semifinals of the Doug Moran to the finalists unfortunately, but I am delighted that it made it that far. Leslie Rice was the winner with one of his intriguing dark works.

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