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Artist in Residence - Beverley

I’ve just spent a delightful few days as artist in residence in the lovely Avon Valley town of Beverley.

Beverley has renovated the old Station Master’s house and this space is available to visiting artists.

I’ve had a fairly distracted year and not enough art has been produced, so this week was a trial for me to see if being removed from my usual distractions and having a better working environment would improve productivity. And it worked! I did get a couple of portraits underway and some other work drafted and still had time to meet the very nice locals. My plan is to spend a month in Beverley next year and focus on painting.

Beverley was home to my Mum’s family many decades ago and I took portraits of one of my uncles and grandfather with me to the studio/gallery. I was surprised that a number of people remembered them. Beverley people have excellent powers of recollection, or perhaps my Uncle left a deep scorch in the town’s collective memory.

Now I’m imagining what I could get done if someone sponsored me to a studio in Florence? Sigh...

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