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Artist in Residence

Once again I took myself off to the little Wheatbelt town of Beverley for  couple of weeks as Artist in residence. There is no doubt that being removed from distractions and having a warm, light filled space in which to work helps boost productivity levels.

Rains have been excellent in the district and the fields are lush and filled with lambs. I tried not to think about their future with peas and gravy as I watched them frolicking about.

I had some visitors while I was up there - which is nice as I can get sick of my own company after a few days ( this makes me pause to reflect on whether others feel the same about  my company after a few days too...). Mum came first and was full of local stories as she spent the first 15 years of her life in the town. She trotted off to the local museum, only to find herself in a few old photo albums... I think she had mixed feelings about that. She’s not quite prepared to be a museum piece yet. Later locals, friends, rellies and even the dog popped past. So in the end it all proved productive and social - perfect.

Thank you to Beverley and the Station Arts committee for providing such a great venue for creative output.

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